Here are the coolers for smartphones!


Accessory that nobody expected, this cooling system for smartphones is likely to be emulated! Able to bring a little freshness in the most intense moments of gaming, this system works as well with as without MagSafe.

You might as well cool a PC, that’s understandable, a gaming PC, even more, a gaming laptop PC even more. But a smartphone?

We can ask the question, but here it is, Razer has decided to take the bull by the horns before it leaves its box and offers a smartphone cooling system that works with the MagSafe binding.

The latter is used for wireless charging of the iPhone. In addition to that, it adds a magnetic aspect which allows you to add additional elements to your smartphone.

But, it’s okay if you don’t have it. The Razer Phone Cooler Chroma can also be taken in a grip version, and thus it can be attached to all smartphones!

Here are the coolers for smartphones!

The question is still open and it can be said that no one saw it coming. But somewhere, does Razer not want to play Elon Musk and thus get ahead of everyone with this accessory that could become essential in the years to come?

Let’s take a very simple example: watercooling. The use of water as part of cooling the components of a PC was not necessarily acclaimed by everyone at the time of its launch. However, now it’s a common way to cool down your PC and it’s more common than it looks.

Likewise, Razer is breaking new ground with this ventilation system that will allow you to engage in the most demanding and grueling games for your smartphone.

Featuring seven fins that can go up to 6,400 rpm, this fan is equipped with Razer’s RGB system, the Chroma.

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