This Lenovo Legion gaming screen is at a knockdown price during the sales!


It’s a beautiful screen on the cheap that we have on hand today! Fnac did not wait long to offer interesting offers and it is a pleasure. The Lenovo Legion Y25 will allow you to reach 240 fps on its 24.5 inches in its Full HD resolution, thus giving a perfect screen for the most competitive games. During the sales, its price is halved at Fnac, going from €399.99 to €199.99!

Here we have a winning combo thanks to the 240 Hz mix and 1ms response. You will understand, it’s fast here. An IPS panel with such a good refresh rate under 200 € is an essential asset for any player looking to run his games in Full HD. Because yes, even if we have heavy fps, we will have to settle for a good old 1920*1080 pixels. No 4K then, but at this price it’s completely normal!

The Lenovo Legion Y25 is DisplayHDR certified and will therefore offer you a beautiful image. It supports FreeSync for an enjoyable gaming experience. Be careful, once you have tested the 240 Hz, it will be difficult for you to go back to 144 Hz or even worse to 60 Hz so much you get used to this subtle change, but yet so impacting in game.

At this price, we had to have concessions. To achieve the 1ms response time in particular, it will be necessary to use the extreme mode at the cost of a drop in screen performance. Likewise, based on the tests, the HDR experience doesn’t seem very conclusive. Honestly, if you’re aiming to do high-level competitive gaming without going into professional competition or aiming for perfection in image quality, this will be a great display.

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