Kirby and the Forgotten World: a free wallpaper for the series’ 30th anniversary, how to get it?


If Nintendo apparently has nothing special planned for the 35 years of The Legend of Zelda (an anniversary which will come to an end on February 21), the 30 years of the Kirby series will in any case be celebrated as it should. Born in April 1992 with Kirby’s Dream Land on Game Boy, the famous little pink ball will make its return on March 25 on Nintendo Switch with a brand new episode, the first of the fully 3D saga: Kirby and the Forgotten World. It also seems that the manufacturer is honoring one of its favorite mascots with rewards for the fans, starting with a special “Kirby’s 30th anniversary” wallpaper.

Who says reward for fans, says free content of course! You did not dream, Nintendo offers you a very colorful wallpaper, predominantly pink of course, honoring our hero in dozens of postures and disguises. Something to brighten up your office or even your waiting screens on your streams:

If you want to download this wallpaper, nothing could be simpler. You will need to go to the official Kirby portal on the Nintendo website, available at this address, and click on the button located under the visual welcoming you to the page. We will note in passing that Nintendo teases other potential surprises to come, with this somewhat enigmatic mention just before the wallpaper download link:

Check back soon to learn more about Kirby’s 30th anniversary activities.

What can the Japanese manufacturer prepare for the festivities? We will of course keep you informed of any new free content available to fans of Kirby and the Nintendo brand in general!

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