Metroid Prime 1: news of the potential remaster on Switch

Wii U

Rumors have been around for a while about a port of the first three Metroid Prime, apparently long planned for Nintendo. Hallway noises approved by Jeff Grubb but also by Emily Rogers, internet user well informed on the subject. It is the latter which today offers a new potential detail on the remaster of the first part.

In any case, this is what the influencer, specializing in the Nintendo universe, indicates: the development of the Switch port of the very first Metroid Prime is now complete, he who would have started in 2017 or 2018. “The original plan was to develop and release Prime 1 first”, she said on Twitter. “Then the goal was to use the base of Prime 1 (the engine, the tools, the assets) for the port of Prime 2 + 3”. However, she admits that since the COVID-19 crisis, she does not know if plans have changed for the Japanese firm.

In other words, if the first three Metroid Prime were indeed to be redesigned on Switch, it’s difficult for Emily Rogers to know if that’s still the case today. “The only thing I can confirm is that Prime 1 exists. And the development ended this summer. ”

We imagine that the initial strategy was to release these remasters before Metroid Prime 4, in order to revive the hype and popularity of the franchise. : Here it is, the design of this new game did not go as planned and it even restarted from zero in January 2019. Last I heard, the title was even the only one in the Nintendo catalog that did not have a release window , suggesting a publication more or less in 2024. It would be a rather relevant period for the arrival of the said remaster on Switch …

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