Sales on this fixed gaming PC equipped with the powerful Radeon RX 6700 XT!


Equipping yourself for gaming at Cybertek is often a good idea. we can say that it is more than relevant with a PC that offers good performance for a little over 1500€: Obviously, for the price, do not expect to have the total with this gaming tower, but this one is finally ideal for a product that does not have the RTX 3070.

With an RX 6700 XT graphics card -remember that this is equivalent or even superior in some games than the RTX 3070 excluding ray tracing-, he loses €100 on the merchant site to drop to €1565 during the sales. An opportunity to “intercept” urgently! Especially since at the moment, the component shortage makes this type of announcement on computer components very rare. A bargain therefore that we advise you not to miss as stocks seem to be reduced for these winter sales.

A look at the components of this PC Gamer built by Cybertek:

16GB DDR4 for RAM, it’s the door open to applications that respond quickly and to multitasking! Thanks to this, this PC can just as well run Google Chrome and allow you to launch a game of Halo Infinite, without breaking a sweat. We are therefore dealing here with a balanced, scalable configuration, and capable of running any current game.

the 1TB storage is NVMe SSD which will allow you to launch, process many applications smoothly. But it is especially in your games that you will see the difference, with shorter loading times! In short, with the SSD, you gain in fluidity. Obviously, this tower is perfectly scalable and offers enough space to integrate your hard drives, and in the future to evolve with more Ram, a new motherboard, etc. A real plan for the future then.

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