Sales: Philips Hue connected lamps see their prices drop!


Philips Hue are probably the go-to brand in terms of smart bulbs due to their powerful performance and versatility. Currently on sale at Darty, you can get them at the best price with the pack of 2 E14 Hue White & Colors connected bulbs, sold for €74.

Renowned for its high standards for its LED products, Phillips makes it a point of honor to offer connected bulbs that will automatically adapt to your environment, with lighting that can be synchronized with music and even the sound of your TV.

Designed to improve the well-being and comfort of our homes, E14 Hue White & Colors bulbs create more colorful, warm and welcoming environments in a connected and easy-to-use system.

Say goodbye to the monotonous light in your home and embrace the vibrant and relaxing tones of the Philips HUE ecosystem, capable of generating 16 million colors. Depending on your desires, you can create your environment for an intimate dinner, a Netflix movie or a moment of peaceful reading, by adjusting the colors, temperature and intensity of the lights.

Philips E14 Hue White & Colors bulbs combine ease of installation and use while delivering flawless operation that reacts immediately when settings are changed, to deliver an immersive experience.

With a power of 40 watts and a luminous flux of 470 Lumens, quality at the rendezvous with bulbs that reveal 50,000 shades of warm or cold white light to decorate your interior and promise a lifespan of 25 000 hours.

Combining perfectly with other connected devices like HomePod or Google Home, these wifi connected jewels can be controlled remotely via the Hue Bluetooth application or by voice commands sent to virtual assistants such as Alexa from Amazon, a considerable advantage if you want to increase the security of your home.

Finally, if you are worried about your energy consumption, know that their brightness/consumption ratio is more than up to all expectations.

Fall in love now for the Philips E14 Hue White & Colors bulb pack, currently available on sale at €74 instead of €84 at Boulanger.

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