Sales: The official Micro-SD card for Nintendo Switch at an exceptional price!


Maboule is the word! For these 2024 winter sales, Amazon is offering the official Nintendo Switch Micro-SD for the sum of €25! You read correctly ! Where it was previously necessary to pay more than 40 €, this memory card becomes accessible for the vast majority of people. Enough to feed the miserable 32 GB of the console! With this purchase, your machine will be a little more equipped to accommodate a nice panel of games.

Nintendo has never gone all out for the storage space of its consoles. Just like the Nintendo Switch, the Wii U suffered from this problem. Fortunately, like its big sister, the latest from Kyoto is equipped with a blank port that can accommodate a memory card. In this case, this time it is a Micro-SD and it is absolutely essential to have one, or even several.

To give an idea, just look at the most demanding games of the machine to be convinced. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Complete Edition peaks at 31.5 GB, which is almost all of the console’s built-in memory! There are even games like NBA 2K21 that go beyond that and de facto require an additional Micro-SD.

By opting for this memory card, you equip yourself in the best possible way. Manufactured by SanDisk, the Micro-SD SDXC reach a reading speed of 100 MB/second and 90 MB/second in writing. For the Switch, this is more than enough and this type of memory card will also do the trick for your smartphone. And then, at least by choosing the official, you do not risk unpleasant surprises, as is sometimes the case with non-official products.

Normally available at a price of 42 euros, the official Nintendo Switch 128 GB memory card is currently on sale at 25 euros at Amazon.

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