Samsung’s new curved display will crunch your neck


It is not always easy to realize the curvature of a curved monitor, even by knowing its exact radius. With l’Samsung Odyssey Arc, we can trust the different photos to realize that with 55 inches diagonal and a radius of curvature of 1000R, this QD-OLED screen really aims to envelop the user.

The slab of the Odyssey Arc has very good arguments to make, since it is abouta Neo QLED model that combines Quantum Dot and Mini-LED technologies, which is the promise of very precise image quality. As for the rest of the performance, the manufacturer hasn’t really said more and clearly prefers to let the pictures speak for themselves.

Photo Credit: Tim Schofield

Samsung's new curved display will crunch your neckSamsung's new curved display will crunch your neck

One of the other notable features of the Odyssey Arc is thatit is possible to use it in portrait mode, and even to rotate it. It is thus possible to have part of the curved screen above the head. The work mode allows you to display up to four independent windows. By switching back to landscape mode, we obtain an impressive 16: 9 monitor which can be ideal for gaming.

If this kind of little madness has long been limited to prototypes, especially in the aisles of CES, Samsung ensures that its Odyssey Arc will be well marketed in 2024. As for the price, it’s a mystery, but it clearly won’t be cheap.

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