The PS5 could soon welcome a feature that is in high demand

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At the launch of the Playstation 5, many players have criticized Sony for the lack of investment in backward compatibility. Despite the good performance and technological advances of the console, the pill goes badly for players who expect only one thing: be able to use their brand new machine to launch the latest exclusives from the Japanese firm, but also the games that have marked their memories within the PlayStation ecosystem.

But by dint of invective from fans of the brand, Sony, which currently faces component shortages and supply chain challenges and has made the decision to review your ambitions as for the production of PS4, would have ended up hearing the reproaches and started researching to resolve this concern. At least that’s what suggests a patent, recently spotted on Twitter, as the site DualShockers points out.

One of the biggest mistakes of the Playstation 5 would be on the verge of being considered ancient history according to the patent which recently circulated on Twitter. While Microsoft and the Xbox Series X | S has dominated this aspect for a few years now, the Japanese firm seems to have finally found the remedy for this recalcitrant problem of backward compatibility on its machines.

In general terms, it can be very difficult to get games that were not designed on this type of system to work on new generation consoles. It is for this reason in particular that at present the PS5 cannot run PS1, PS2, and PS3 games. However, the teams of Mark Cerny, the goldsmith behind the creation of the machine, may have found, not a hardware solution, but a software solution to counter this problem!

Thus, the patent ” Backward Compatibility Through Use Of Spoof Clock And Fine Grain Frequency Control », Mentioned in the tweet above, would finally hint at the arrival of this feature on the PS5! There is more to wait for an officialization from Sony, especially since this is not the only project that the company has tackled to compete with Microsoft: a redesign of PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now would be in the pipes under the name ” Project Spartacus “.

The PS5 could soon welcome a feature that is in high demand

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