The Samsung Odyssey G5 PC Gaming Screen still on sale before Christmas

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Flat or curved screen? VA, TN or IPS panel? FreeSync or G-Sync? 144, 165 or 240 Hz? 24, 27, 32, 34 or 49 inches? So many questions to ask yourself when looking for a screen that can turn into a nightmare or at least a headache. But the most important thing is to take your time.

At JV we particularly appreciate the Odyssey range from Samsung, whether it is the G5, the G7 and even more the famous G9, because it adapts to all desires and especially to all budgets. Did you win the lottery or receive an inheritance? The G9 is open to you. Are you passionate about investing to give yourself nice gifts? Then the G7 range will meet your expectations. Want to get the most out of your games but don’t have all your money to spend on your passion? Then the G5 will bring you all the happiness you are looking for.

The 27 inches being the current standard, we got you a nice offer on the 27 inch G5 that we find on Amazon at 239 € instead of 299 € thanks to a refund offer.

One of the reasons we love Odyssey displays, besides their downright pleasing look, is that they are curved, and for us, since we have tasted the joys of curved displays on PC, it is impossible to do without. Nothing beats this kind of screens to enjoy total immersion and have the feeling of really being part of the game. While most curved screens previously adopted fairly light radii of curvature of the 1800R or 1500R type, Samsung has adopted a 1000R curve radius for its Odyssey range and we can only congratulate them as the feeling of immersion is even stronger.

For the rest, the Samsung Odyssey G5 27 inch is equipped with a VA panel approximately 68 cm diagonal, offering a maximum resolution of 2560x1440p, a 144Hz refresh rate and one 1 ms response time. It also benefits from the Freesync Premium technology ADM but it will obviously be compatible with RTX 30XX cards from nVidia thanks to the G-Sync compatibility. Finally, thanks to the standard HDR 10, you will have a more precise color rendering and closer to what the game developers wanted. Connection level, it will be necessary to be satisfied with” an HDMI 2.0 port, ofa Display Port 1.2 as well asa headphone jack.

Available in normal times at the price of € 299, you can find the Samsung Odyssey G5 27-inch gamer screen for € 279 at Amazon, or even 239 € thanks to the reimbursement offer of 40 € ! A reduction always interesting in view of the technical characteristics of the beast.

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