Xbox Series X: the PS5 rival is up for pre-order!

Xbox Series

Micromania has launched a new operation to make Xbox Series X consoles available! Indeed, it is now possible to order the famous Microsoft console from Micromania, but you have to choose at the same time the pack that suits you the most!

The Microsoft console is loudly claimed by its fans, and we can say that it was not really released at the best time! Indeed, with the shortage of components, and semiconductors in particular, the console suffers from the slowdown in production following the various confinements.

As a result, it is torn both by the production that is done in a drip and a demand that is made more and more as the end of the year holidays approach.

And it is true that with Christmas coming up, it is not uncommon to see the famous console at the top of the famous Santa Claus list.

In order to get your hands on it, we can only recommend that you turn to the pre-orders launched by Micromania. Indeed, the famous brand has relaunched pre-orders for Next-gen consoles, and this time with the Xbox Series X. The latter is notably accompanied by a headset, a game and above all, a 4K smart TV. .

You will have the choice between two models:

The Xbox Series X is a console that has plenty to dream about with its promise to bring you into a world in Ultra-High Definition, there is something to be happy about! In addition, she does not come alone as she brings with her the particularly busy library of Microsoft games.

Between racing games, first-person shooters, adventure and fighting games, the Xbox Series X has plenty to challenge its direct competitor, the PlayStation 5.

The most veterans in the field of video games will remember. In fact, at the beginning of the 2000s, the rise of the PlayStation 1 put an end to the duel that punctuated the 80s and 90s between SEGA and Nintendo. And it was when the Xbox, first of the name, entered the race, that immediately, power comparisons put them in direct competition.

Nintendo, having won its clash with SEGA, decided to play the card of the original alternative by not embarking on the race for power.

And once again, in this new generation, we find Xbox directly facing PS with its exclusives, its specificities and its functionalities.

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