Did you have an Xbox Series X on Christmas? Enjoy the 1 TB SSD at the best price

Xbox Series

It’s not really a surprise anymore: the more the years go by, the more the size of the games explodes. It must be said that AAA productions benefit from finer and finer textures, in 4K, not to mention “Open World” type worlds, which are particularly greedy in storage. And on top of that, if you grow in the Xbox ecosystem, you have the ability to install hundreds of games from GamePass. In short, all this to say that the basic storage of the Xbox Series X and Series S (1 TB and 512 GB respectively) fills up much too quickly. To overcome this problem, Microsoft has partnered with Seagate to design a 1TB SSD socket, which fits very simply into a dedicated port on the console..

This accessory, which quickly turns out to be essential, is usually offered at a fairly high price of € 249, or half the price of the console, all the same. Fortunately, “after Christmas” is the occasion for a nice price drop at Amazon. You can thus purchase this “Seagate Expansion Card” at a price of 214 €.

You might be wondering why you absolutely have to use this “official” SSD from Seagate on Xbox Series, when consoles have USB ports and can therefore accommodate any type of external storage system, whatever. either the technology (SSD or HDD) or the brand? It’s very simple: the Seagate Expansion Card meets all the criteria for compatibility with the “Xbox Velocity Architecture”. The latter allows to take advantage of extremely short loading times – even non-existent – in most games, but also allows you to take advantage of the “Quick Resume” function which will allow you to launch several games at the same time and switch from one to the other – without losing your progress – in a few seconds. In short, we’re not just talking about a simple 1TB extension, but an ultra-fast SSD, necessary for the proper functioning of your new generation games.

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