Halo Infinite: event pass, free cosmetics … all about the return of the Fracture event

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Released on November 23, two weeks after the release of Halo Infinite, Fracture: Tenrai is a free time event that returns on multiple occasions in a single season. He offers cosmetics and rewards on thirty tiers, acquired in exchange for experience related to his challenges. With its return yesterday, Fracture: Tenrai has changed a few things from its November release. In a post published on their blog, the developers indicate that they have reviewed the event’s progression system:

Players can now progress 10 levels per week, up from 7 previously. In essence, they will still have to participate in the event over several weeks but we hope this change will help more engaged players..

In addition to this modification concerning the levels of the battle pass, it is also the challenges that have been affected by an adjustment. Now players will always have a quest to complete related to the current event on Halo Infinite. A choice justified as follows:

Recognizing that it’s frustrating for players to have to complete different quests unrelated to Fracture, or have to use challenge refreshes to get one. From today, it will be easier to carry them out since they will appear in priority.

But the changes discussed above aren’t the only ones, and the developers say they’ve taken player feedback into account regarding the event pass:

We agree that cosmetics are the main focus of these events.

To support this statement, the developers of 343 Industries have decided to modify the event pass : from third 10, all experience rewards and boosts are replaced by cosmetics, for a total of eleven to collect for free.

In conclusion, 343 Industries specifies that the premium content offered in the store will now be added to the free event pass. However, this does not apply for the first week, the content of which remains exclusive to the store.

As a reminder, the multiplayer mode of Halo: Infinite is available for free on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series.

Halo Infinite: event pass, free cosmetics ... all about the return of the Fracture event

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