PS4, PS5: this external hard drive increases your memory and is on sale!

PS 4

Amazon is still in Christmas mode, and we can say that it is good! Because with all the games you have received, you have saturated your console hard drive! And now you have to face the dilemma: which game to uninstall to install the new ones? But that is not likely to happen with this special hard drive that has everything you need to store your games!

With the games gaining in complexity and depth, what had to happen happened, the games are more and more massive. The days when a simple game only made a few gigabytes (and we are already talking about beautiful games) are still a long way off, now we easily flirt with 100 GB per game.

And when we know that the classic PS4 only have 500 GB of memory, we quickly reach saturation point. The direct consequence is also: the deletion of games as and when we have updates to make or new games to install.

However, with the Seagate Game Drive for PS4, this is no longer a problem. The latter takes with it 4 TB of storage, which is quite enough to install all your game library as well as the DLC without saturating the memory of your console.

Easy to connect, with your PS4, you can play directly from this hard drive on your console, without losing launch or loading speed. Offered at nearly 140 €, this hard drive is now available for less than 110 € at Amazon.

On PS4, it is particularly easy to be able to connect this hard drive. Indeed, the latter is supplied with a USB socket which is to be plugged directly into the console. The latter ensures the link between the storage medium and the PS4. Then you just need to follow the instructions given by the console to immediately install the games and their extensions.

As for the PS5, it is the same, however, you will be able to store games, but not launch them. To do this, we recommend that you instead start installing an SSD.

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