Sale: Samsung Galaxy Buds Overshadow AirPods With Incredible Price


The Korean giant Samsung is not afraid of its rival and as always, offers excellent accessories for smartphones. Like Apple’s AirPods, the wireless headphones from Korean giant, the Samsung Buds, have managed to popularize to become a must-have accessory. Easily transportable and with very good autonomy.

Since AirPods wireless headphones are designed to work only with Apple’s ecosystem, Android smartphone owners have no choice but to turn to the competition. As is always the case with Samsung, the Korean brand was quick to answer the call.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus are great headphones that have nothing to envy to Apple’s brand new wireless headphones, the 3rd Generation AirPods. If you have a Samsung smartphone, know that they will fit perfectly into its ecosystem but also into any other Android phone. Launched at 149 € on the market, they go down to 79 € on the Darty and Fnac, so you might as well tell you that at this price, they really should not be missed.

Unlike the very first Galaxy Buds, the Buds Plus both have AKG speakers and therefore sound much more detailed and balanced than before, with very present bass. In addition to a particularly good sound, they are sold with different end caps so that you can improve comfort, passive isolation and therefore audio quality.
Like the other wireless headphones of the brand, they can be stored and recharged thanks to an easily transportable case.

The Galaxy Buds Plus have, like all other Samsung accessories, a dedicated application, Galaxy Wearable, which will allow you to configure your wireless headphones.. As they have a touchscreen, you can decide your favorite commands, but also adjust the equalizer or read notifications from your favorite applications.

Like the Galaxy Buds Pro, the Galaxy Buds Plus unfortunately do not offer noise reduction or at least only during your calls. However, they have an excellent battery life of 11 hours and connect via Bluetooth 5.0.

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