Sales: Promotion on the number 1 competitor of Logitech steering wheels compatible PS5!

PS 4

This T248 freshly presented in September proves it: Thrustmaster is one of the masters of hardware products related to racing simulations. This model follows on from the brand’s T150 and TMX and puts everything back on track against Logitech with this new engine and a 3-pedal crankset with adjustable brake tension.

Compatible with PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 in the version offered here, this new model benefits from a motorization with hybrid transmission, made of gears and belts. With this technology, the vibrations of its engine are absorbed and the steering wheel retains a nice engine torque and good precision. It is now at 329€ during the sales, enough to acquire one of the best if not the best steering wheel on the market.

The T-248 hits hard with a much more convincing and pleasing leather steering wheel ride than that of Logitech’s recent G923. On the integrated functions side, there is a digital screen menu to ideally modify the rotation of the steering wheel, the level of force feedback, and information about the game in progress to make it more ergonomic than ever.

Regarding the crankset, the latter is also at the party with 3 pedals on a wide and stable frame, a cable passage in 3 directions, adjustable pedals in position and above all an adjustable brake in tension thanks to the possibility of changing the spring to the back. Something to give more realism or responsiveness, as desired.

The compatibility of the steering wheel benefits from that of previous models at Thrustmaster, which allows the T-248 to be usable with all the racing games of the PS4 and PS5, as long as these support steering wheels.

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